Securics Logo Securics: The science of securityTM with the protection of privacy

Securics has been a Colorado Springs-based company providing technology-based biometric and security solutions from 2004-2014. Securics seasoned management team and world class scientific background helping it to grow to 10 fulltime +10 part timestaff at its peak. We developed multiple patented tecnologies, delivered code/technology license to major partners who deployed it in places we don't even get to know about, and publised dozens of papers. Over its life, the company has garnered total revenue of about $7Million.

Securics is now in the process of transition its technology/IP to a larger/established partner and winding down our offices in the Springs by Nov 2014. We'll let you know who's acquired the technology once that information is public.

To our customers, staff and friends: Thanks, its been rewarding and fun.